Transitioning from Fall to Winter....

Chicago was hit with a significant snowstorm yesterday that really dampened the spirits of a lot of people here. We were having 60-70+ degree days in November, and people were on a high! No bulky jackets, sunshine almost was surreal. So now, the snow has hit...and Winter has introduced itself. You wake up at 7am......and it still feels like night. Add cloudiness to the mix and it's SAD...seasonal affective disorder. 

How to stop yourself from falling into it. 

-Add Vitamin D and potentially some omega 3,6,9 fatty acid supplements, also something with astragalus and ginseng can increase your energy and be an immunity guard. 

-Use essential oils: Peppermint, Pine, Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Geranium Rose are all uplifting and antidepressants. 

-Increase exercise! Cardio, yoga, martial arts, dancing, walking, running.....anything that increases your movement. Also, get a workout buddy! That helps with motivation...

-Be social! Meet people in person...not just communicate via electronics. 

-Do something hobby related that you love! Cooking, painting, crafting, or pick up a new skill....flamenco lessons, guitar or, karate, karaoke! Think of what you love and do it. Make time for it. 

Last, but not least....body work. Massage, facials, acupuncture, manicure/pedicure, salt scrubs, spa treatments...these all increase positive endorphins that make you feel uplifted.