Practicing Safe Sun/Sun Precautions for March, April, May.....

The sun is coming into our hemisphere again with greater strength and longer duration my friends; this means becoming more diligent about sun care/sun precautions. 

People often welcome and bask in the sun but wear no protective hats at this time of year because the weather is still cool outside. This is still a time to be protecting our skin and shielding our skin from direct sunlight. I wear a hat and a scarf or I even wear a neck gator with an spf 100, which I purchased through: 

They have a ton of great hats and protective clothing for men and women.

I have gotten more sun exposure in one month being back in Chicago Feb-Mar. than I did all month in January being in Mexico. That's because in Mexico I was wrapping my face and being diligent about wearing a sun hat every minute in the sun. 

If you are battling hyper pigmentation/melasma : you can NOT expose your skin to direct sunlight if you are trying to be serious about lifting pigment and preventing further pigment or melasma from occurring. No direct sun exposure on the face....get a hat and an spf 100 neck gator and get serious about your face and protecting your investment.