Amy Rojek Skin Care - Facials and Microneedling

Signature AR Facial w/ Extractions  60 min.  $165

Thorough cleansing of the skin with extractions for a flawless finish.

Acne Facial 20% Salicylic Peel  90 min.   $185/ Initial visit $200 for first time clients

Salicylic acid at a medical strength acts as an anti-inflammatory to existing acne; also acts as a regulator for the over production of oil inside the follicles. Very effective for active acne, oil prone, and scarred skin. Amazingly effective results for acne sufferers. First time clients/initial visits usually require more time and are booked out as such.

Microdermabrasion + Light Peel Facial  90 min.  $200

Aluminum Oxide crystals suctioned over the skin reveal your skin's true radiance. A light peel is done prior to microdermabrasion. Lighten, Brighten, Tighten!

Pumpkin Peel Facial  90 min.  $175

Pumpkin is revered for its high nutrient value and beta carotene content. Nutrition for the skin. Extremely effective for acne and texture issues.

Customized Anti-aging Facial  90 min.  $185

Based upon your current skin condition and your skin type. After a thorough consultation and cleansing, your skin care needs are addressed with Lactic, Glycolic, Salicylic or enzyme based exfoliation. Essential oils are incorporated for relaxation and detoxifying effects. Vitamins, balancing minerals, and fortifying oils correct imbalances.

TCA Anti-Aging Facial  90 min.   $265

Combining a 7% TCA peel with 4% Retinol helps to lighten and brighten the skin with an immediate affect. This is a results oriented treatment. Best option for those concerned with hyper pigmentation and melasma. 

Fruit Peel Facials 60 min.  $165

Designed with nature in mind. Pumpkin, Mango, Cherry Berry, Zesty Orange or Cranberry utilize the life-force of each fruit to yield a healthy, effective outcome for the skin and body. 

Ultraluxe Fitness Facial w/ Green Tea Peel  90 min.  $185

Be enveloped in the luxury of Sonya Dakar skin care. The green tea peel is so natural, it's edible! Lactic acid and Omega 3 rich seeds, nuts & fruits fortify the line to provide a rich treat for the skin! 

Ultraluxe Facial  90 min.  $185

The Ultraluxe skin care line is engineered with Nonaplex- combining 9 of the most potent anti aging ingredients. Tri peptide technology promotes collagen stimulation, epidermal contouring, and protection from environmental damage. Synthetic Temple viper venom and apple stem cell technology are incorporated for topical botox like effect! Gentle yet highly effective. 

Jessners Peel w/ Facial  90 min.  $215

Excellent for lightening and brightening. A peel with resorcinol. Combined with a 4% Retinol solution. Great for acne and pigmentation.

Dermaplaning  60 min.  $165 / Dermaplaning with a light to medium depth peel 90 min. $200* and up

A scalpel is used to lightly remove surface layers of epidermis and fine peach fuzz from the face. Excellent exfoliation for people who do not like the hair on their face. Helps makeup lay beautifully on the face.

Relax & Revitalize Facial  75 min.  $165

Essential oils of Lavender, Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Pine, Grapefruit, Peppermint & Geranium work synergistically to help you restore, recover and regenerate tired skin and fatigued muscles. Rich oils like olive, macadamia, walnut, wheat germ, shea butter, and safflower penetrate skin to soothe dryness and ease tension. Head, face and neck massage. 

Chemical Peel Back Treatment 60 min.  $165* and up

Purifying and retexturing back treatment. For individuals with acne, congestion, scarring or discoloration on the back. Depending upon the clients skin condition, different exfoliants are used to correct the concern. 

Microneedling/Collagen Induction Therapy Treatment 120 min.  $350

Microneedling combined with a Peel and/or 4% Retinol booster 150 min. $400* and up

Percutaneous Collagen Induction a.k.a. Collagen Induction Therapy is a primitive therapy that is extremely effective for acne or trauma, scarred, sagging, stretch marked, cellulite plagued skin. It helps to break up the damaged tissue and stimulate new collagen fibroblasts.  When paired with a topical Vitamin C & yields phenomenal results. Typically 3-4 treatments, 28 days apart yield desired results for most clients. **please read micro needling prep instructions located at bottom of this page. 

Glycolic w/ Lilac Stem Cell Facial  90 min.  $175

30% glycolic acid combined with stem cells provides rapid exfoliation and regenerative effects. Great for all skin types. 

Peptide Vitality Power Facial  90 min.  $185

Peptides help to plump and smooth skin, prevent skin structure breakdown, and fill appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This peel is combined with Glycolic & Lactic acids to exfoliate and allow for better penetration of the active peptides within the peel. Ideal for aging skin.

Omega 3-6-9 Moisture Bath Facial  90 min. $165

Enzymes or a lactic acid peel lightly exfoliate layers to reveal the newer skin beneath, which is then drenched in hylauronic acid and omega fatty acid rich organic oils to saturate skin with nourishment and minerals. Great for extremely dry skin. Organic pomegranate seed oil, macadamia nut oil, baobab oil, pumpkin seed oil, unrefined coconut, and Tamanu oil are used to fortify the skin in the massage. 

All facial treatments include peel, extractions, masque, head, face & neck massage. And loving care!

Back Facial, Bikini Facial, and other areas are offered too. 


Lash Tinting  30 min.  $40

Using a high quality, long lasting tint yields a perfect set of beautiful lashes that are all your own. Colors: Dark Brown, Deep Black, Blue Black available. 

Brow Tinting  15 min.  $40

Enhance & pronounce the brow with some color to frame the face before a brow wax. Colors: Middle Brown, Black, Blue Black available.

Ultraluxe Body Fitness Peel Body Treatment  90 min.  $325

Lactic Acid combines with anti inflammatory ingredients to enhance skins tone, texture and clarity. Also, lactic acid assists in drawing water to the skin because it is a natural humectant. The body is drenched in shea butter, macadamia nut and flax seed oils. Synthetic snake venom & apple stem cells firm, tighten and lift skin. Excellent for hyper pigmentation or dry skin. 

**Things to note prior to a micro needling treatment are: 

No alcohol consumption 24-48 hours prior to the treatment.

Caffeine or stimulants are not recommended 6 hours prior to the treatment.

No fish oils or blood thinners should be taken 48 hours prior to the treatment.

No topical acne medications or OTC benzoyl peroxide prior to the treatment 

No tretinoin or prescription retinoids applied 4 weeks prior to treatment with topical peels.

It is recommended to eat well, and juice prior to treatment.

Vitamin C and Zinc taken internally before the treatment (1 week prior) ensure better healing and less inflammation. Please check with your physician to make sure this is advisable. 

Fresh pineapple juice or pineapple consumption before and after treatment are recommended to assist with prevention of bruising.